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With so many garage door parts available, it can get quite confusing to know exactly what it is you need. Not to worry! Our expert garage door technicians are fully trained on every garage door parts available on the market today to help you make an informed decision, and we can replace the part for you! All of our Garage Door Parts Peoria are covered by an extended warranty, and we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you decide the right product for you.

Garage Door Parts Peoria Train Technicians

We constantly train our technicians on the most up to date techniques and procedures for replacing any garage door parts. We understand that time is money, and garage door repair shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! We have many brands and styles of garage door parts, and all are covered by an extended warranty. Don’t wait, make a best decision of garage door company and start enjoying the service right now!


Tired of that ugly, old tennis ball on a string? Our laser garage parking assist is just what you need! A parking assist not only looks stylish, it will prevent you from parking your car too closely to the wall or damaging it all together. They are a cost effective way to provide a safe way to park your vehicle. Isn’t it nice to have an easy controlled life? We think – Yes!

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A low headroom conversion kit is perfect for those with smaller than normal garage doors. They free up space to allow a more efficient garage experience, and they cost a fraction of what it would to completely redo your garage door system! Call us today to learn more about the different products we offer all of our Peoria customers!

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